My first screenplay, Amsterdam (a synopsis of which is featured below), has been optioned by Focus Films, as part of its Million Dollar Movies initiative.

Amsterdam - a screenplay by Spencer Honniball
Amsterdam - a screenplay by Spencer Honniball


Amsterdam. Once a refuge, now a source of pained reminiscence.

Toby returns to the city, struggling to overcome a tragedy that has him firmly in its grip.

Entrapping himself in a self-spun web of deceit encompassing obliteration and meaningless encounters, he stumbles across potential salvation in a familiar-looking prostitute.

As their relationship deepens, so does Toby’s involvement with an old face, intent on revenge. Soon entangled in Amsterdam’s murky underworld, Toby has a choice to make: re-immerse himself in a life he wants to leave behind; or turn instead to perhaps the only chance he has of a future?

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